Winds Business Solutions Pvt. Ltd. was founded in 2013, with a core focus on developing enterprise business applications on the cloud. Winds Business Solutions was started by founders with strong skills in cloud application development, with a considerable experience in software development and the marketing field. Winds Business Solutions aims to meet the online needs of a gamut of companies, from small-scale enterprises to international giants; helping them generate revenue streams by establishing a global network of communication channels and streamlining business operations. A complete facelift for your business fortunes is what we offer. It is evident in our uncompromising emphasis on strategy-based methodologies, providing customized value additions to maximize communication effectiveness. Also, our multi-faceted services encompass all corporate functions to ensure maximum connectivity.

Over the past few years, Winds Business Solutions has invested significantly in R&D and successfully developed three enterprise class products in-house: Retail Bean, WindsCRM and Lytty. Winds Business Solutions is seeking to become a leading products company in the enterprise software space.

Winds Business Solutions has clients in different parts of the world, such as the UAE, Oman, India, etc..,


To become a globally recognized outfit that provides simplified enterprise business application products to growing organizations


To become an integral part of the dynamic and constantly evolving information and technology sector with the help of an effective strategy. This strategy is built on four pillars—Customer Focus, Speed, Quality and Cost-Effectiveness with a Technology focus.