Cloud POS/Inventory Management for multi-chain retail businesses.

As retail solution experts, we are aware that the retail business has always focused on increasing its store footprint for growth. All retail businesses have started moving towards a customer-centric operation model, with a high level of technology adoption. This is because digital transformation is inevitable these days, especially when it comes to keeping track of the changes in consumer behavior.

Retail Bean is a cloud-based software that connects all your physical stores seamlessly. It will help you access real time data minute-by-minute for your entire business process, whether it is orders, sales, customer acquisition or receipts etc.

Digital Commerce for E-Commerce Ventures

E-commerce built entirely on the back of retail bean
You can create your very own e-commerce portal with the help of Retail Bean, which will help you manage a gamut of e-commerce activities seamlessly and will integrate them with your business processes. Product management, product costing, offers, orders, invoicing, delivery, dispatch, customers etc., will be managed in CRM, which is closely connected with the e-commerce portal. By owning this structure, you can ensure that any update you make in the CRM is automatically reflected in the e-commerce portal. At the same time, you can centralize the management of all your business processes to one place.

Customer Engagement Segmented Marketing

Know your customers better, and promote your products accordingly. Segmented targeting is one of the best ways to boost business online. Retail Bean has features that can catalog your customers according to different parameters and help you launch a drip mailing campaign.

Retailbean Explained

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