Lytty is a comprehensive loyalty management application based on cloud, which is specifically designed for growing organizations.

Loyal customers are always your brand ambassadors. They need to be recognized in the proper way.

GAMIFICATION: The Gamified Loyalty Program for FMCG companies

Know your customers better by implementing the Gamified Loyalty Program. Know who your customers are more specifically, where they are from, what is their profile and then take an informed decision. Choose your preferred game from different game templates.

Multi-channel integration seamlessly combines Lytty with your cloud-based POS, your e-commerce sites etc., and with simple APIs

Get a clear understanding of your loyal customers and their purchasing patterns, and delight them with loyalty points. Loyalty Analytics from LYTTY will help you reduce costs for promotion and advertising as you can make an informed decision regarding advertising, based on the buying behavior of your customers.

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